Namaste friends~

Time to unleash Saraswati Shakti!

(Saraswati is the Goddess of Creativity…Shakti is powerful cosmic energy!)




Eros and Thanatos

Robert Holmes Burkhead

2nd Solo Art Exhibition at Santosha Yoga:

A show of recent works that invoke a variety of allusions and moods. His works draw upon many sources: Poetry, Music, Mythology, Memory, Urban Graffiti and Reality to combine images without regard for continuity of scale or narrative.

Open Reception was Friday, October 21st

private viewing available by appointment…call 302-8494




Home Made Valentines

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did you know handmade valentines are good for the heart? Jacquie Reininger is here on Saturday February, 5th from noon -- 3pm to show you how to make one-of-a-kind simple paper craft stationery. Jacquie's Valentine Class is spirited and lively as she guides everyone through a variety of card designs. Many cards have a unique feature that really make them pop. You'll have an opportunity to embellish the cards with included materials. Then it's up to you to compose a sonnet or letter, or include a token of your affection to make each card a perfect valentine. All supplies and tools are provided. The class is $25. Pre-register by Friday, January 28th. Bring a bag lunch.

For more information and to register for the class, contact the Randolph Arts Guild at 336-629-0399.
Or jacquie at 336-302-8494 Registration Deadline: Friday, January 28th, 2011



Mystery of the Mandala BYOB Painting

Our popular Crafty class was a blast!

Let's do it again!

Email me now to receive info on our next class!

Because the Mandala is painted on a circular canvas,

we are naturally drawn to focus at its center.

This is why the mandala has long been used as a tool to help us to center and balance.

Simply gazing at it can help you to release stress and find harmony.

Learn about the History and Symbolism of this beautiful tool and paint one of your own on an 8” canvas.

We provide you with all the supplies you will need as well as inspiration in the form of images and stories!


$35 per person

All supplies provided.

Butterfly hand mandala

Butterfly hand mandala

Yogis Du Art

The Public was invited to this FREE event!


du Art!

If u du yoga and u du art

……Display ur work in this public reception.

Wine tasting by Lumina!

Thursday, June 28th 6-8:30PM

pizza box

pizza box

Pizza Box class~

You are invited to get messy with us at Santosha Yoga for a…

“Mini Pizza Box”

Paper Crafting Workshop


July 24th 2-4PM

(But you know we’ll probably run over time,

it is so hard to stop once we get started!)


all supplies and tools provided, including lots of cool papers

and the Cuttlebug die cutting and embossing system!

(New Dies and templates just purchased!)

So Yummy it makes us Hungry!

I know, I actually salivated when I saw the plans for

this adorable little hinged box~ it opens just like a pizza box,

with space inside for dimensional objects.

I couldn’t wait to try one and made four the first day!

I put a gift card in one for a baby shower last month,

and envision small trinkets, like jewelry (hand-made?) for many more to come.

The little “Shabby Rose” is a new idea I used to embellish the top of the box,

and we will show you that technique too.

Come play with us and we can inspire each other!

At Santosha Yoga

130 S Church St, next to farmers market



"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

~Mahatma Gandhi


Mystery of the Mandala Painting Workshop

Tuesday, June 15th 6-8PM

Meditating Monks in the Himalayan mountains still use tiny metal funnels to sift colored sand into intricate designs over a period of several days, only to wipe the design away in the closing ceremony with a sweep of the hand! Discover the meaning behind all this, learn a bit about the shapes and symbolism of this tradition and then we’ll make our own! We will be using acrylics on canvas circle frames, (a much simpler technique than using colored sand!)

$25 all supplies provided

register for pour next session designing and painting madalas! now:

Our favorite mandala

Our favorite mandala
This is the one which inspired me to paint the street sign for the studio.

Art of Pysanky

Art of Pysanky
creating these intricate designs can be meditative....try concentrating on the skill and see how calm you feel!

Decorating Eggs on March 20th, 2010


Learn how to decorate real eggs in the style of Pysanky using kiskies and beeswax heated over candle flames.

The creativity will blossom as everyone learns about the

wax-resist/multiple dye technique that results in these gorgeous heirlooms!

This event will occur at the craft room at Hobby Lobby!

$20 per person, all supplies included, you will make as many eggs as you like during the class!

Interested in learning more, or joining us next time?

Beat the Winter Blues Mandala

Beat the Winter Blues Mandala
This one was painted on a mirror!

The window mandala

The window mandala
I painted this one on the window right away to help us remember to focus as we practice. It looks like stained glass!

A Wonderful resource:

Here is some text from this site which describes the Buddhist tradition on mandalas..
There are many ways mandalas are used now-a-days, but in the ancient tradition:

"Perhaps the most admired and discussed symbol of Buddhist religion and art is the mandala, a word which, like guru and yoga, has become part of the English language. Its popularity is underscored by the use of the word mandala as a synonym for sacred space in scholarship world over, and by its presence in English-language dictionaries and encyclopedias. Both broadly define mandalas as geometric designs intended to symbolize the universe, and reference is made to their use in Buddhist and Hindu practices.
The mandala idea originated long ago before the idea of history itself. In the earliest level of India or even Indo-European religion, in the Rig Veda and its associated literature, mandala is the term for a chapter, a collection of mantras or verse hymns chanted in Vedic ceremonies, perhaps coming from the sense of round, as in a round of songs. The universe was believed to originate from these hymns, whose sacred sounds contained the genetic patterns of beings and things, so there is already a clear sense of mandala as world-model.
The word mandala itself is derived from the root manda, which means essence, to which the suffix la, meaning container, has been added. Thus, one obvious connotation of mandala is that it is a container of essence. As an image, a mandala may symbolize both the mind and the body of the Buddha. In esoteric Buddhism the principle in the mandala is the presence of the Buddha in it, but images of deities are not necessary. They may be presented either as a wheel, a tree, or a jewel, or in any other symbolic manifestation."

We encouraged artists to use any images they wanted to symbolize their own self centering within the circle!

We love to Knit!

Email us to find out when we'll have our next Knit Knight!
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